Evgeny Tomashevsky Won European Chess Championship 2009
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19 March 2009

In the final tie-break game, Russian Grandmaster Evgeny Tomashevsky won against Vladimir Malakhov to claim the title of 2009 European Chess Championship. After winning the first game, Tomashevsky forfeited in the second game in drawing Rook endgame. In the final game, Malakhov achieved a winning position but then he blundered the rook and lost the game.

From the group of players who tied with 7.5 points, Meier Georg, Nijboer Friso, Fedorchuk Sergey A, Timofeev Artyom, Sjugirov Sanan, Bartel Mateusz and Mamedov Rauf have qualified for the World Cup 2009.

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