DP Singh’s moves matched with Fritz, claims Petrosian
Gopal, Jha win GM norms, six others earn IM norms

Anupama Bagri

Kolkatta, March 5: Even on the penultimate day of the Kolkata Open chess event, controversy around IM D P Singh refused to die down. After the representatives of the Chess Players Association of India (CPAI), it was the turn of Armenian GM Tigran Petrosian who after beating the highest-rated Indian IM today, said the player’s moves created suspicion and that they matched with those of the Fritz chess engine.

“Everyone’s been talking about him (Singh) in this tournament. I was scared of my opponent’s reputation too, so I exchanged queens and went for an endgame because it’s easier to play against a computer without queens on the board,” Petrosian remarked after the match.

The 22-year-old Armenian GM with a rating of 2592 added: “I offered him a draw on the 23rd move which he declined. Actually, I wasn’t surprised when he refused the offer. I’m not sure if I was playing against a computer, but then he made two moves, c6 and Nh6, in two minutes which is impossible for a GM to calculate in such a short time. A GM would normally take 15-20 minutes to calculate the same, or else he would be a world champion. In fact, I analysed his game with (Alexander) Fominyh and found that his moves matched with Fritz’s first suggestions.”

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