There is no political or psychological pressure on us – Armenian chess grandmaster – newspaper
September 15, 2012 | 07:54

YEREVAN. – “To our reporter’s observation that sports and politics are interconnected, international chess grandmaster [, and member of Armenia’s men’s national team which recently was crowned third-time champion at the 40th World Chess Olympiad, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey,] Gabriel Sargissian responded: ‘Yes, there is political pressure. And I can say from the very example of the Azerbaijani team that this very pressure was the reason why they wanted to show that they are patriotic, that they take risks. [But] In our case, there was no pressure,’” 168 Zham daily writes and continues.

“And to the journalist’s observation that this time the victory took place in Turkey, [and] we played the winning [and final] round against Hungary’s team, our team’s [head] coach Arshak Petrosyan responded: ‘This time several political developments coincided. But it’s impossible to deny that winning in Istanbul, when your country’s [national] anthem is performed, [when] your country’s flag is being raised, truly needed to be stressed.’

But, first and foremost, we play chess and we work to achieve our goal in our task.”


Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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