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The NH Chess Tournament is taken place from August 19 to 29 in the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in the center of Amsterdam. The event is sponsored and organized by the NH hotel chain and the Association Max Euwe, Monaco.

The format is a Scheveningen team tournament with one team called “Experience” (51.8 year old – 2590 average rating) and the other “Rising Stars” (17.6 years old – 2614 average rating). The “Experience” as a team almost qualifies for Social Security and the “Rising Stars” as a team is barely old enough to drive.

Here are the standings with just 3 rounds left:

Rising Stars —- Experience

Carlsen 5 —- Beliavsky 4½
Karjakin 4 —- Jusupov 3½
Wang Hao 4 —- Andersson 2½
Stellwagen 3½ —- Nunn 2½
Smeets 3 —- Ljubojevic 2½ Posted by Picasa

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