Sam’s miniature in New In Chess 2014#8

The 13-year-old Sam Sevian recently played a very nice miniature game that found its way into New In Chess magazine, issue 2014#8, that was published this week. The youngest American GM was heralded for his coffeehouse chess in NIC’s Café.

Look, it’s Sam Sevian!

Talking about the United States and records, a remarkable record that may have an impact on the future of American chess was set in St. Louis. In the shadow of an exhibition match between Levon Aronian and Hikaru Nakamura (2-2 in the classical games, the American took the blitz, 9½-6½) the Saint Louis Chess Club organized two 10-player invitational tournaments where IM and GM norms could be made. The GM invitational was a huge success for 13-year-old Sam Sevian (13 years, 10 months and 27 days, to be more precise). The youngster from Boston became the youngest American GM in history, a record previously held by the likes of Fischer, Nakamura and Caruana, and bested the record held by Ray Robson by nearly a full year. Sevian, who had already scored three GM norms before but whose rating was not high enough to claim the GM title, swept the field, 7½/9, and raised his rating above the required 2500 points.

Samuel Sevian – Denes Boros
St. Louis 2014 (1)

1.e4 g6 2.d4 ♗g7 3.♘c3 d6 4.f4 ♘f6 5.♘f3 0‑0 6.e5 ♘fd7 7.h4 c5 8.h5 cxd4 9.♕xd4 dxe5 10.♕f2 A move introduced by David Bronstein at the 1958 Olympiad in Munich against Palmiotti (1-0, 29). 10…♕b6 The Italian took on f4, which was also fine. 11.♕h4 exf4 12.hxg6 h6 ­Safer was 12…♕xg6. Now White probably would be better after 13.gxf7+, but Sevian has different plans. 13.♗xf4

Wow. This is very sharp. 13…♕xb2 14.♘d5 This was the idea. The white king has a safe hiding place on g3, while his black colleague is in grave danger. 14…♕xa1+ 15.♔f2 ♘c6 16.♗d3 ♕b2 Not ready to give his queen on h1, which was his best chance. 17.♗c1 ♕xa2 Now Black is lost. 18.♗xh6 ♘c5 19.♗xg7 ♘xd3+ 20.♔g3 fxg6 21.♘g5 Black resigned. He will be mated.

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