The IV Iberoamerican Chess Championship to be held in Ecuador

The Federacion Iberoamericana de Ajedrez (FIBDA) is proud to announce that Quito the capital city of Ecuador will be the venue of the fourth “Campeonato Iberoamericano de Ajedrez”.

The event is scheduled from the 13th till the 23rd of Фpril 2012 and one representative of each one of the 23 сhess federations members of the FIBDA is invited as well as the current “Campeon Iberoamericano” de Brazilian GM Gilberto Milos.

The organizers will be the “Ministerio de Deportes de Ecuador” and the “Federacion Iberoamericana de Ajedrez” (FIBDA) with the collaboration of the Federacion Ecuatoriana de Ajedrez. Jaime Hidalgo Azanza will be the Tournament Director.

The price found of the event will be 20.000 USA $. Further information could be found on the FIBDA website

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