French Defense – Part 3

The Week in Chess (TWiC): 15+ Years of Chess News
Posted on January 12, 2012 by William in General Chess Articles
The Week in Chess was one of the very first chess news websites, started by Mark Crowther in 1994. The Week in Chess provides the most frequent updates on the happenings of the chess world, containing game .pgns and results for every possible chess tournament of interest. It became very popular with advanced and professional chess players because it was a much more efficient way to browse chess news and game notations than the traditional […]

French Defense – Sidelines – Beginner Chess Openings Series – Part 3
Posted on January 11, 2012 by William in All Articles w/ Videos, Beginner’s Corner, Chess Openings, Strategy & Game Review
Part 3 of the French Defense Beginner Chess Opening Series covers the Exchange Variation and other popular sidelines. The main lines with 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3.Nc3 or 3. Nd2 were covered extensively in Parts 1 and 2. The French Defense begins with an extremely flexible move order, and it is very important to keep this in mind when your opponent deviates with a sideline. As with almost any other chess opening, there […]

Chessdom: Consistent Chess Coverage
Posted on January 11, 2012 by William in General Chess Articles
Chessdom is well-known for providing coverage of the latest chess events with excellent consistency. Chessdom’s focus is more dedicated to general events and news coverage and less focused on training exercises, although they do produce a good amount of instructional content. GM Henrik Danielsen has produced a number of high quality video analyses for Chessdom, however the majority of their published videos are interviews with the world’s best players. Within 24 hours of nearly every […]

Beginner Chess Opening Preparation
Posted on January 10, 2012 by William in Beginner’s Corner, General Chess Articles
Beginner Chess Opening Preparation can be a tricky subject, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a variety of approaches to chess opening preparation. For example there are Super-GMs like Vassily Ivanchuk and Hikaru Nakamura that feel comfortable playing almost any opening in any situation. And then there are Super-GMs like Peter Svidler, who almost always plays the Grunfeld Defense as black against d4 because he has so deeply prepared the opening that he is […]

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