Icelandic court reopens Bobby Fischer’s case
Posted at 09/13/2010 3:07 PM Updated as of 09/13/2010 3:07 PM

MANILA, Philippines – The District Court of Reykjavik, Iceland reopened the case of Jinky Young, the Filipino child of the late Bobby Fischer, to allow her to present more evidence in support of her claim to the estate of the chess legend.

In a ruling during the hearing on September 10, Judge Ingiridur Ludviksdottir reset the case to October 6 to allow Marilyn Young, Jinky’s mother, to engage the services of another lawyer after their counsel in Iceland, Thordur Bogason, had a falling out with the Youngs’ local lawyer, Sammy Estimo.

Estimo theorized that Bogason had prematurely closed the case without consulting his client after the DNA tests in Germany allegedly showed that Jinky was not the child of Fischer.

He said there were post-DNA remedies available such as a request for a similar test to be conducted on the DNA samples of Fischer’s nephews who are also claimants to his estate.

If the test result proves negative, then the 7 tissue samples that were taken from the coffin supposedly containing the remains of Fischer during his exhumation in July would be questionable.

Bogason has withdrawn from Case No. Q-1/2010 during the September 10 hearing.

Estimo added that he discovered a provision of Icelandic law which would have won the case for Jinky but was not used by Bogason.

According to Estimo, the law, plus the bank deposits, post cards signed by Fischer admitting that he was Jinky’s father, photos taken in a hotel in Hong Kong, and the expensive house which Fischer bought for Jinky in Davao City could have clinched Jinky’s claim to the estate of her father.

If ever Jinky loses at the District Court, she can still appeal to the Supreme Court.

Bogason admitted in his letter to Marilyn dated September 11 that a losing party at the District Court can go to the Supreme Court within 2 weeks from receipt of the lower court’s ruling. – by Marlon Bernardino


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