Press-conference after the last game

Did you expect to make a draw today?

Hou Yifan: According to the situation in the match, the draw in the last game was enough for me, so I tried to play solid.

Humpy Koneru: I tried some idea in the opening. But of course I was already -3 in the match so practically there was no chance to come back.

How did you like Tirana and the organization of the Championship match?

Hou Yifan: This is my first time in Albania and I am very happy to be here. The organization was on a very good level. The weather was great and I walked around to get some fresh air.

Humpy Koneru: It is a nice place. It is not quite often that you can get a chance to play in such countries. So I am happy to be here.

The prize fund of the match was 200.000 Euro. Do you have any idea of how you are going to spend the prize money?

Hou Yifan: I did not plan yet.

Humpy Koneru: No plans from my side either.

Did you follow any chess events during the match?

Hou Yifan: Yes, I followed some news, even I saw few games of Tal Memorial.

Humpy Koneru: Normally I follow chess events, so I just did the same.

And what about the news about your match?

Hou Yifan: Not really much.

Humpy Koneru: I know myself what’s going on here. (smiles) No, I did not follow.

There was a live video transmission from each game of the match, did it bother you during the game?

Hou Yifan: When I play, I concentrate only on the game, so it did not matter for me.

Humpy Koneru: No, not really, it was no problem at all.

Yifan, what are your next plans as a World champion?

Hou Yifan: I have a tough playing schedule. I will play in Chinese League and later in December I will participate in Mind Games in China.

Photo and interview courtesy of FIDE and the organizer:

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