Jim Schwartz’s Decision

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By now we’ve all heard about the new chess playing head coach named Jim Schwartz. The media and fans from all over have anointed him as a guru, the next Bill Belichick – savior of the downtrodden 0-16 Lions.

I too have drunk the kool-aid. This guy has all the makings of being great and, as a Bears fan, I am happy to welcome him to the NFC North, which must become the dominant, hard-nosed and defensive-minded division it has been in years past.

Coach Schwartz is walking in to a situation where not only are expectations lower than low but he will be armed with a plethora of draft picks from which to begin molding his team.

While most pundits are drinking the kool-aid off of the Stafford bandwagon, I for one, am not.

I had visions of what could have happened this off season for the Lions and haven’t and see their draft picks following a very different path than the one most commentators seem to believe.

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