Bobby Fischer estate wars

The unseemly wrangle over the estate of Bobby Fischer rumbles on
10:12PM BST 03 Sep 2010

Samuel Estimo, the Filipino lawyer acting for Fischer’s fomer girlfriend Marilyn Young has criticised the DNA tests carried out on tissue samples extracted from Fischer’s grave in the Laugardaelir Church cemetery in Iceland. Young co-habited with Fischer when he lived in the Philippines and claims her nine year-old daughter Jinky was fathered by the former world champion.

The tissue samples invalidated Young’s claim but her lawyer wants them compared with Fischer’s living relatives. Fischer died intestate, in January 2008 aged 64. There seems little doubt that Fischer thought he was Jinky’s father. He supported the Youngs when he lived in Philippines and continued to do after he moved to Iceland following his arrest in Tokyo and attempted extradition to the USA. Under Icelandic law the DNA tests take precedence.

The remaining claimants are Miyoko Watai, formerly the head of the Japanese Chess Federation, who claims to have married Fischer in 2004 and Fischer’s nephews, Alexander Targ and Nicholas Targ, who reside in California. Fischer’s estate is estimated to be worth about $2 million.

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