I am happy to see that Texas Tech University is being recognized for their support for chess. Texas Tech has awarded 7 chess scholarships for girls in the last 7 months and they are a big supporter of the Susan Polgar Foundation.

Texas Tech is a new player in the College Chess arena. They try to emulate and learn from the best which is UTD, one of the role models in College Chess. The folks from UTD have been more than helpful. This is now one of my new pet projects: Big promotion and support for College Chess! Dr. Redman, Jim Stallings and Dr. Alexey Root have sold me on this idea.

Dr. Hal Karlsson has done so much for Texas Tech and I am sure many more good things will come out of this. Congratulations to Texas Tech and U of Ct (engineering)! Sorry but I do not know much about this school. Perhaps someone can let me know more about them so I can make a post? Thanks! 🙂 Posted by Picasa

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