The Top Chess Engines Championship, the strongest round robin event in chess history, is currently close to the end of the Candidates stage. The top two chess software programs are going to advance to the Superfinal, where they will compete for the title in an epic 100 games match. Currently after 45 games Stockfish looks like a sure finalist, as it is leading with 31,5/45. This is full three points ahead of the second engine – Houdini 5 dev – and four and a half points ahead of the third Komodo.

See the full standings and live games here / Replay all games of the stage here

Right after the conclusion of Stage 3 and before the Superfinal, a massive 32 engine TCEC rapid is going to take place. It will involve all participants of TCEC Season 9. The rapid event will be a double round robin or 992 games. The time control will be 25 min + 10 seconds. There will be no opening book and the engines are on their own from move 1.

Engine authors have the right to select the settings for their engine from Stage 1, Stage 2, or Stage 3. No further tunning is allowed. The deadline for a setting selection is September 5th.

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