Tashkent Women’s Grand Prix has started!

The opening ceremony of the third leg of FIDE Women Grand Prix Series 2013-2014 took place at the beautiful Gallery of Fine Art on the 17tht of September. The event was attended by many honored guests such as the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the Minister of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan Minhozhiddin Hozhimatov, the First Deputy Minister of Sports of Uzbekistan Zhasur Akramov, the Head of the Administration of Sports Rashid Talipov, the Head of the Administration of Olympic reserve Kamil Bayazitov, the Head of The State Committee for Communication, Informatization and Telecommunication Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan Hurshid Mirzahidov and many others.

The Chairperson of Fund Forum’s Board of Trustees Gulnara Karimova couldn’t be present at the ceremony but passed her warmest welcome for the participants and expressed the hope to the future of the Fund Forum’s cooperation with the World Chess Federation.

The ceremony started with the national dance showed by the young charming girls of “Sabo” ensemble.

The classical song of Andrea Bocelli performed by the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Ramiz Usmanov and laureate of the festival of young artists “Yangi avlod 2006” Shirin Mamatova made the perfect ambience in the hall of the Art Gallery.

The FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is happy about the tradition of organizing tournaments in Tashkent, and pointed that FIDE is planning to organize lots of even bigger events in the capital of Uzbekistan.

FIDE Prezident Kirsan Ilyumzhinov with Minister of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan Minhozhiddin Hozhimatov before making the first move of the tournament

The Chief Arbiter and Organizer of the tournament IA Husan Turdialiev conducted the ceremony of drawing of lots. Each participant was proposed to choose one of 12 national hats with the number inside of each.

Pairings of the first round:

1 Danielian Elina – Kosteniuk Alexandra
2 Koneru Humpy – Ju Wenjun
3 Lagno Kateryna – Girya Olga
4 Stefanova Antoaneta – Nakhbayeva Guliskhan
5 Dronavalli Harika – Khotenashvili Bela
6 Muminova Nafisa – Zhao Xue

The tournament will be held from September 17th to October 1st, with each round scheduled to start at 2 pm local time (10 a.m. European time) at the Gallery of Fine Art. The players will have 2 days off on September 22d and September 27th. Average rating of event is 2479.

Many young Uzbek chess players and rising stars, students, a lot of media representatives, guests from the Ministry, Olympic Committee, universities of Uzbekistan, members of junior national team, diplomats and Ministry of Foreign affairs representatives – all the guests showed how much people in Tashkent love and admire chess and promised a great future to this uniting and inspiring sport in Uzbekistan.

Organizing Committee:

Husan Turdialiev – Chief Arbiter
Olga Sabirova – Executive Director of Uzbekistan Chess Federation
Abdukahhar Abduhalikov – Tournament Arbiter
Gulbahor Musaeva – Accountant of Uzbekistan Chess Federation
Rustamzhon Mamatkulov – Governor of the Tournament
Tahmina Turdialieva – Tournament Arbiter
Irina Gevorgyan – Tournament Arbiter
Eldar Gafurov – Deputy Chairman of Uzbekistan Chess Federation
Bahodir Umurzakov – Deputy Chairman of Uzbekistan Chess Federation

Appeals Committee:
Casto Abundo – Chairman of Appeals Committee

Members of Appeals Committee
Antoaneta Stefanova
Kateryna Lagno

Reserve of Appeals Committee
Alexandra Kosteniuk
Humpy Koneru

By WFM Maria Emelianova


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