Negi hopes to kickstart target ELO 2650 with Bundesliga stint
Smriti Sinha
Posted: Tue Feb 01 2011, 04:05 hrs New Delhi

Just a couple of months away from his class XII board examinations and after winning back-to-back titles, Parimarjan Negi is off to play some club chess in Germany, representing the Katermburg club.

Although he had decided to concentrate completely on academics after the national championships in December, Negi decided to participate in a week-long tournament due to his commitment attachment to the club, for which he has been playing for three years now.

“I am expecting to play against some top players in these club leagues, something that always excites me because the more I play against a higher-rated player and the better I do against them, there are more chances to improve my own rating,” Negi said.

And though he has played across Europe in Belgian, Spanish and Greek leagues before, the club matches at this juncture will prove to be important for him. His goals for 2011 include taking a gap year from academics to concentrate completely on his game and making it to the elite 2650 bracket in FIDE ratings, and these games will be perfect preparation


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