Mamedyarov and Tan Zhongyi took the gold medal

In IMSA Elite Mind Games Chess Rapid game Day-2, two champions have been crowned. In women’s section, Tan Zhongyi continued her hot-streak and beat German player Paehtz in round 5 and scored astonishing five victories in a row. Even though she lost to Lagno in the round 6 playing black, Tan Zhongyi still held a solid half-point advantage.As a veteran player, she quickly adjusted her mood, and conquered former world champion, Ukrainian player Anna Ushenina in final round, won the trophy with 6/7 overall score.  When all games finished, Tan Zhongyi expressed her excitement, claiming that’s literally the first time for her to participate in the IMSA elite mind games and very excited to take the first gold medal. Bela Khotenashvili took the second place, while Ju Wenjun took the bronze medal with similar 4.5/7 points.

IMG 7847

In men’s group, the battle had been more fierce. After a tense battle of another three rounds today, Mamedyarov and Ponomariov both scored 5/7 which a tie-break is inevitable. A sudden-death match had to be played. The chief arbiter made a draw-lot for those two players, Mamedyarov won and decided to take the white with 5 minutes on clock against his opponent’s 4 minutes, but in such a Armageddon game, a draw game would counted as black won. A relentless fight between two elite players and a breath-taking game was played. As a result, Mamedyarov won the game to become champion, Ponomariov took the second place, while Dominguez Perez took the bronze medal with 4.5/7.

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The final rankings:


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