Super computer chess championship
Houdini, Rybka, Ivanhoe, and Stockfish share first after R3

The TCEC Season 2 Premier division, the highest league for computer chess, has started. The defending champion Houdini 1.5a is undefeated after round 3 and is sharing the lead with Ivanhoe B47cB, Stockfish 2.01, and Rybka 4.1. However, draws with black against Rybka and Stockfish seem to put Houdini in a favorable position right at the start of the event.

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Shredder 12 and Critter 0.5 are at the bottom of the table with 0,5/3, after losing all games expect the draw in their direct match. The battle for the last place will be tough, as the loser will go to Division B (which this season was won by Spark 1.0, coming to the Premier division in season 3)

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