Portugal Chess Summer 2016

Rules and informations

Organization: AX Portugal

Objectives: Combining chess to tourism, especially at holiday time, is surely one of the ways for the promotion of the chess and facilitator format for families with chess players.

The locals have chosen the quality and environment which ensures a “vacation”, where the tours and activities are, of course, pleases chaperones and players.

The logistics were designed for the use of car is not a necessity because there are transfers from Lisbon and Porto (Airports) that allow you to go back and forth from the event or follow, immediately, to the next.

To complement the offer in technical terms, we will have a daily international Master to analyze matches or teach something new.

Technical data and other information common to all events:

  • Access: Open the Federated players (if not, the Organization will take care of the registration in the Portuguese Chess Federation);
  • Technical Data: Swiss System 7 rounds with 90m+30s, 30m tolerance for lack of show, valid for Rk FIDE, tiebreakers second regulations of FPX, FPX and FIDE rules;
  • Byes: Possibility of using 2 byes of half point within the first 5 rounds;
  • Direction and arbitration: AXPortugal;
  • Omissions: Shall be resolved by the Board.

Prizes (not cumulative):

  • General: 1st 250.00, 2nd 150.00 € €, 3rd 100.00 €
  • Rk 0000/1499: 1º 00 €, 2º 40.00 €
  • Rk 1500/1699: 1º 00 €, 2º 40.00 €
  • Rk 1700/1899: 1º 00 €, 2º 40.00 €
  • Rk 1900/2099: 1º 00 €, 2º 40.00 €
  • Rk 2100/2299: 1º 00 €, 2º 40.00 €


  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd General -1st, 2nd, 3rd Team
  • 1st (U08, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, U20, S50, S65, Fem)

Registration fees (for players outside of the proposed packages):

  • General: € 30.00/U16, U18, U20, S65:25.00 €/U08, U10, U12, U14:20.00 €/Tit. FIDE: Free

Registrations, reservations, information, email: axportugal@gmail.com

Official Page: www.facebook.com/axportugal  

To see photos and other information about the hotels: www.inatel.pt