Filipino GM Salvador shares 1st place in Italy chess tournament
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Final Standings:

7.0 points—GM Aleksey Dreev (Russia/ELO 2694), GM Alberto David (Luxembourg/ELO 2580), GM Roland Salvador (Philippines/ELO 2533)

6.5 points—GM Aleksander Delchev (Bulgaria/ELO 2629), GM Oleg Romanishin (Russia/ELO 2576), GM Ivan Sokolov (Netherlands/2657), GM Eduardas Rozentalis (Lithuania/ELO 2588), GM Michele Godena (Italy/ELO 2541)

GRANDMASTER (GM) Roland Salvador of the Philippines (2533) settled for a draw with GM Alberto David of Luxembourg (ELO 2580) in the ninth and final round to finish in a three-way tie for first with David and GM Aleksey Dreev of Russia (ELO 2694) in the recent Carnevale d’ Europa Cento chess championships.

Salvador finished with six wins, two draws and a loss for 7.5 points in the 9-round event which drew 102 players.

The former Rizal Technological University (RTU) standout however, finished third overall behind eventual champion Dreev and runner-up David after the Buchholz tiebreak system was applied.

“I would liek to thank Chairman (Butch) Pichay for his undying support to Philippine chess,” said Salvador in a long distance interview with this writer yesterday. /Correspondent MARLON BERNARDINO


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