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– It is quite telling about the state of affairs at the USCF that the Susan Polgar Blog covers US chess activity BETTER than the USCF website. Keep up this great effort!

– No doubt. This site moves quick, and the other moves with the speed of a glacier.

– Yep. Not ten minutes after forwarding to Susan, she posted it. Ten minutes… unbelievable. Thank you Susan.

– I sent her information and it was up on the blog in 4 minutes. Shocking!

Here is one of the big problems with the USCF that I hope to fix if my team and I get elected. We live in the 21st century and the USCF still operates sometimes with the 19th century mentality. There are too many “why can’t things be done” instead of “we’ll get it done one way or another because it will help the USCF!”

The USCF needs to improve drastically. If you have ever taken a look at the USCF forum, you know why this federation has so many problems. Imagine how much things could be improved if some of the posters would volunteer to help out the USCF instead of wasting so much time attacking, insulting and playing politics 24/7.

I am not a trained computer or high tech person but I do my best to teach myself so I can keep up with things. I am a full time Mom with 2 young sons. I have a full schedule teaching, writing, lecturing, doing special appearances, etc. I correspond with fans and fellow bloggers daily. I run my chess center which opens 7 days a week. And I am still able to accomplish everything that needs to be done because I love chess and I take everything I do very seriously. How much more can 50-100 volunteers do for the USCF? But we need strong leadership with a positive direction.

Here are some of my areas of focus for the USCF:

– Restore respectability, integrity, credibility and professionalism to the USCF.
– Reestablish a sound and balanced budget.
– Develop strong cooperation and support for adult, scholastic, collegiate, correspondence and military chess.
– Establish a strong professional marketing and PR system.
– End the petty and destructive politics.

If we keep electing the same people with the same mentality, how on earth could you expect different results for the USCF? If you keep making the same mistakes with the same openings all the time, how can you expect to win in chess? Same concept, isn’t it? That is why I decided to run in the upcoming election because we need fresh ideas from the most qualified people. And that is why a highly recommend Dr. Mikhail Korenman, FM Paul Truong and NM Randy Bauer. I am absolutely positive that this is the team that can turn the USCF around and make it a strong and viable organization.

I would like to thank all of you for your support and for sending me materials and information for this blog.

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