Stockfish continues to amaze at Stage 3 of the Top Chess Engine Championship. After 31 rounds Stockfish is the absolute leader in the standings with 21,5/31, 2,5 points (!!) ahead of the closest competitor.

With the stage past its half point, Stockfish looks confident to go on to the Superfinal if it keeps up the pace. One more engine is going to be there. Houdini 5 dev is currently at second position with 19,0/31. The new engine by Robert Houdart is ahead of the Grand Champion of last two seasons, Komodo, by 1/2 points. With many more rounds to be played, anything can happen between these two engines. The only other engine with chances for a medal is Fire 5, which currently is trailing 1,5 points behind Komodo, but has a game less.

See the full standings and the ongoing live games at the official website

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