Stefan Sergiev: Topalov Excelled Kramnig During the Whole Match

12 October 2006 21:19 FOCUS News Agency

Sofia. ‘It will be a nerve-wrecking day tomorrow. Rapid chess will be played, which has nothing to do with the rules of the main match. So far the games have been played normally, now it will be fast. Veselin would have a psychological advantage here, because Kramnik will not be able to go to the toilet so often’, the President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation Stefan Sergiev said in an interview for FOCUS News Agency. He was commenting on the result of the World Chess Championship Match in Elista.

‘The initiative was supported by Topalov the whole time. I hope that Veselin will surprise him tomorrow. Veselin has been playing for the victory, for the attraction, for the beauty of chess the whole time. The real match is over, tomorrow’s game will be only for the attraction, to determine the winner’, he said.

Bulgarian source: Focus News Agency Posted by Picasa

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