Statement by Mr. Geoffrey Borg of Global Chess regarding the Grand Prix:

“Anand and Topalov would have liked to play but their schedule this year (2008) is very heavy and they are playing some serious matches. Kramnik is also involved in a heavy schedule but he made it clear at the outset that he was not directly interested in the GP.

Shirov actually confirmed but changed his mind during Linares and excused himself correctly and gave us time to replace him with Grischuk.

Morozevich has expressed his opinions openly so this is well known and Judit saw the commitment of four tournaments as too much but welcomed the work being done.

Regarding Ponomariov, this is the President’s choice but of course there are also two other Ukrainian players in the GP already and apart from Svidler (who is world number 5), the President’s nominations are all from countries which did not have any players in the GP.”

Source: Chess Today

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