Checkmate: St. Peter students participate in Chess tourney 
Posted on January 1, 2013  
by Suzy Rook

Twenty-seven students, including three from St. Peter, participated in the first annual 2012 Winter Break Chess Tournament hosted by South Central Service Cooperative and Mankato Community Education/Recreation. 

Students in grades K-12 from Melrose, Mankato, Northfield, St. Peter, Shakopee and Webster competed Dec. 27 in primary, elementary, and upper divisions based on grade levels. 

The Winter Break Tournament was a Swiss-style tournament in which students are not eliminated. SCSC and CER feel these tournaments foster a competitive spirit without discouraging young players from continuing to play chess.

In the morning, lessons were offered by chess instructor Brian Combs. The afternoon was spent in tournament rounds. All players received a participation certificate. Ribbons were also awarded to students placing first through third in their grade level. Medals were awarded to first through fourth place primary, elementary and upper division champions.

Students were awarded by grade level and also as division champions:

Grade 3: Honorable Mention – Willem Nelsen, North Intermediate, St. Peter

Grade 4: Second – Connor Snay, North Intermediate, St. Peter

Upper Division: Third (tie) – Benny Combs, North Intermediate, St. Peter (Combs, a fifth-grader, played with sixth- to ninth-graders)


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