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Spokane Chess Club President – Kevin Korsmo appointed to Washington Court of Appeals

New appeals judge knows way around chessboard

By: Karen Dorn Steele
Staff writer
January 31, 2008

Spokane’s newest appeals court judge is a chess player and a hard-working Spokane County deputy prosecutor with a wry sense of humor who has specialized in appellate work since joining the prosecutor’s office in 1990.

Gov. Chris Gregoire announced the appeals court appointment of Kevin M. Korsmo during a trip today to Spokane.

The Washington Court of Appeals Division III courtroom was crowded with prosecutors, public defenders, judges, members of the Spokane Chess Club and family members who came to witness Korsmo’s appointment.

Gregoire told the crowd she agonizes over her judicial appointments in an effort to get the highest caliber of people on the bench.

“Kevin, in my opinion, provides the intellect, judgment and moral character that the bench deserves,” the governor said.

Korsmo, 51, promised Gregoire two things: he’d never embarrass her — “a side benefit of having a boring life,” he said to laughter — and he’d work very hard.

“I take my work seriously. I don’t take myself seriously,” Korsmo said.

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