Aleksandr Shimanov

Webster University – SPICE newest team member GM Aleksandr Shimanov went from 2627 to 2682 in 2 months! That is a whopping 55 points!

SPICE World Youth representative Aaron Grabinsky gained 148 FIDE rating points in 11 rounds at the World Youth Championship which just concluded a few hours ago! He has a performance of 2450 and his new rating is 2342! He is coached in Greece by SPICE homegrown GM Gabor Papp.

After joining SPICE, Ashwin Jayaram jumped from 2442 in November 2014 to 2500+ in July 2015 to earn his GM title after 8 years of being an IM.

Aaron Grabinsky and Susan Polgar

Once again, this proves that the SPICE system works! This is why we currently have 27 potential students on the waiting list to get into the Webster U Chess Program.

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