I would like to welcome some very special people to my blog as I saw them posted for the 1st time today:

IM Greg Shahade: Commissioner of the US Chess League. Greg was one of the people responsible for starting the wonderful NY Masters event at the Marshall Chess Club not long ago. Now, he started the US Chess League. I believe the league now has 10 teams and is doing well. Please check them out here. Well done job by Greg!

Greg’s sister is the 2-time US Women’s Champion WGM Jennifer Shahade, web editor of the USCF website and my teammate of the 2004 US Women’s Silver Medalist Olympiad Team. The site has been nicely improved. You can check out her work here. Nice going Jenn!

Dr. Daaim Shabazz, founder and webmaster of the wonderful The Chess Drum website. It is the original Pan-African website. Please check out his website here. It is good!

– Super GM Gata Kamsky! Even though Gata did not post, or maybe he did 🙂 Gata does follow this blog. Gata recently won a number of events including the prestigious NY City Mayor’s Cup. Thanks to Gata 2-0 score against me in that event (my only losses), I finished 2nd behind him. Thanks Gata 🙂 That’s what I get for supporting my friend 🙂 By the way, Gata’s FIDE rating is now back to 2700+! Congrats! Posted by Picasa

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