Lawyer smells something fishy about Fischer’s exhumation
Friday, August 20, 2010

THE lawyer who represents Jinky Young yesterday questioned the procedures done by forensic experts on the remains of the late chess legend Bobby Fischer on July 5 in Iceland.

“The exhumation of Fischer was not done the normal way. His coffin should have been brought up,” complained Samuel Estimo after receiving a report from lawyer Thordur Bogason on how Fischer’s remains were dug up.

Bogason wrote in his report to Estimo that “when the necessary preparations for the forensic doctors had been done and the lid of the coffin of Bobby was ready to be opened, a big tent was erected to seal of any possible view of the exhumation.”

The experts reportedly opened the lid of the coffin and took seven different samples from the remains of Fischer for DNA testing.

“After the experts had done their job, the lid of the coffin was replaced and thus the coffin itself was never removed or lifted to the surface,” Bogason reported.

Estimo said that the coffin should have been opened when it was brought to the surface. “This was to make sure that the seven tissue samples that were taken from the alleged remains in that coffin were that of Fischer’s. The procedure undertaken borders on the doubtful because the lot where Fischer was buried belongs to the family of Gardar Sverisson.”

Sverisson is said to be a close friend of Miyoko Watai, one of the claimants to the estate of Fischer, and allegedly has complete access to the area.

Genetic experts in Germany have examined the seven tissue samples and concluded that Young is not Fischer’s daughter and therefore, is not entitled to the late chesser’s estate worth P140 million.

Estimo said the exhumation was done after the Youngs—Marilyn and Jinky—made an appeal to the Supreme Court of Iceland, which approved the exhumation. Marilyn used to be the girlfriend of Fischer, when the chesser made Baguio City his home several years ago.

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