Alexei Shirov Wins Paul Keres Memorial

The Estonian Sports Association Kalev organized the 21st Paul Keres Memorial on 6-8th January in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Preliminary 7-round Swiss tournament with the time control 15′+10” was held on Friday and Saturday. Top four finishers qualified for the Main tournament which was played on Sunday. 86 players competed, full standings bellow.

The Main tournament was 8-player round robin with the time control 15′+10”. Four players from the Preliminary event were joined by four invited players: Alexei Shirov, Jaan Ehlvest, Tomi Nyback and Kaido Kulaots.

Alexei Shirov defended the last year’s title and earned another trophy, but only after edging GM Vladimir Fedosejev on tie-break. Shirov won three games, including the one against Fedosejev, drew four and finished undefeated.

Paehtz, Yemelin and Dreev were victorious in 2009

Main tournament final standings:

1-2. GM Shirov Aleksei LAT 2710 and GM Fedosejev Vladimir RUS 2525 – 5.0
3. GM Ehlvest Jaan USA 2594 – 4.0
4-5. GM Halifman Aleksander RUS 2632 and GM Nybäck Tomi FIN 2634 – 3.5
6. GM Volodin Aleksandr EST 2491 – 3.0
7. GM Külaots Kaido EST 2581 – 2.5
8. IM Seeman Tarvo EST 2399 – 1.5

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