ART811 1

ART811 1

26th June to 04th July 2015, Sharjah (UAE)

Under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi Member of The Supreme Council And Ruler of Sharjah, The Sharjah Chess & Culture Club has the pleasure to invite players to participate in Sharjah Rapid international chess championship 2015 to be held in (Sharjah) United Arab Emirates from 26th June arrival to 04th July departure.

Participation is open to all Rated and non players.

The Tournament will be held in Sharjah Chess Club at Shj.Hall.

The championship shall be played in 9 rounds Swiss System and the time control shall be 20 minutes for the game, for each player, additional 10 seconds for each move. Apply all the law of (FIDE) for Rapid Chess System.

The Organizing Committee will grant the prizes as follows:
1st place 1500 $
2nd place 1200 $
3rd place 1000 $
4th place 800 $
5th place 600 $
6th place 400 $
7th place 200 $
8th place 200 $
9th place 100 $
10th place 100 $

If two or more players share the same place, the money will be equally shared.

The awarding of the Cup will be decided in case of sharing the first place by the average rating of the 8 strongest opponents who share first place


The winner will be decided by the person who at the end of the tournament has scored the highest number of points. If two or more players are tied:
(a) Median-Buchholz, the highest number wins;
(b) Buchholz, the highest number wins;
(c) Number of wins, the highest number wins;
(d) Progressive Score, the highest number wins

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