Edm International Table


Sam Shankland and Suryasekhar Ganguly tied for 1-2 at the Edmonton (round robin, 10 players). Both scored 8/9. Shankland won on tiebreak (he beat Ganguly). Top-seeded Alexei Shirov (6) was third, S P Sethuraman (5.5) fourth. Bitan Banerjee (Elo 2341, 4.5 points), an Edmonton-based Indian player, took his fourth IM-norm but he needs to pull his Elo over 2400 for the title. Two young IMs, the 15-year-old Aryan Chopra (6/9) and the 16-year-old Abhimanyu Puranik (5.5/9), scored GM-Norms at the Zalakoros Open in Hungary. Ivan Ivanisevic (7) won, with Dronavalli Harika (6) taking the best …

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