L: with Judit and Jeff Smith in Hilton Head, SC – R: with Sofia at a major event in Fresno, CA just a few days earlier

Topalov won Linares 2010 by 1/2 point over Grischuk. He temporarily surpassed Carlsen in the LIVE rating list for the world’s #1 ranking. But a loss to Grischuk in round 9 cost Topalov the top spot in the March 2010 FIDE rating list. He trails Carlsen by 7/10 of 1 point.

Judit and Gregory Kaidanov engaged in a very exciting Sicilian theme match in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The event is sponsored by Mr. Jeff Smith, a business consultant, and a board member of the Susan Polgar Foundation.

In the 4 classical games, White won every game. Same with the 2 Blitz playoff game. Judit scored the only win with Black in the final Armageddon game. For the no draw fans, this was a treat since all 7 games were decisive.

The playing condition was excellent. The organization was first rate. The games were exciting. Overall, the event was a success.

It’s Saturday Open Forum. The forum is yours. What would you like to discuss?

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