It has been an incredibly hectic but productive week. I believe a lot of progress has been made for the benefits of chess.

Earlier this week, I had a chance to personally meet with Mr. Howard Rubenstein at his office in New York City. He is the founder of one of the biggest and most prestigious Marketing / PR firms in the country. The idea is to convince him to help me promote chess. This is a firm that represents some of the biggest corporations, sport teams and entertainers, etc. He really likes the ideas that I presented to him and I hope many good things will come out of this he decides to be involved. I know this is like shooting for the moon but why not try it?

Other chess related activities include trying to finalize agreements for Internet Video Chess Classes as well as producing a series of affordable and high quality chess Tactics and Endgame stand alone CDs. That means that you do not have to own any other software to use it. The CD set is aimed at complete beginners to masters.

Some of you often asked how I can do so many things and why am I doing this? Well, it started out a few years ago when I approached a number of major chess companies and organizations about my ideas. They basically laughed at me because they do not think my name is marketable (because I am a woman and I do not play chess actively enough) and therefore I would not be able to contribute anything positive for chess. Others would not want to work with me no matter how good my ideas are. Why? Because I refused to pick side and enter the chess political war games.

I was tired of wasting time going around in circles without any progress. Too many people are too busy knocking down ideas and say it would not work instead of trying to figure out how to make chess better and more popular. In the mean time, countless opportunities have been lost and many good people walked away in frustration.

After having doors after doors slammed in my face, I decided to do it myself. I formed a chess marketing and PR firm. Chess investors and inventors started to come. I started to brainstorm with these talented, imaginative and passionate people. No idea is stupid. Every reasonable idea is fully explored.

This was the same way how this blog got started. I was tired of begging editors and reporters to properly report chess news and events. One former USCF Chess Life editor even called me stupid and an uneducated / uninformed female. He said that Chess Life reaches 100,000 people a month and what do I know about chess media. I wonder if he still feels the same now that my blogs and websites reach out to more than 1 million people a month in a faster, more interactive and more informative fashion.

Chess cannot thrive unless new ideas and energy are injected to our sport. It is time for change. I am embarrassed for the sport I love, especially after the Elista fiasco. Many top players made millions thanks to this game. How much time, effort or money have they reinvested back in the sport that made them who they are today?

I want to do something positive and so do countless other people. There are people who want positive changes in every city that I visit. That is why I want to unite people with the same ideals. I think together we can make miracles happen. So if you think that you have great ideas that can help chess, shoot me an email or post a comment. Thank you.

It is Saturday Open Forum, the forum is yours.
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