This is the original sign of my chess center from the 90’s

It’s Saturday Open Forum. Two super tournaments are going on at once: Aeroflot Open and Morelia / Linares!

Camp Kamsky (Rustam Kamsky & Bella Kamskaya), FIDE and camp Topalov (Silvio Danailov) are battling over the prize funds (too small) and venue (not neutral territory) for the Topalov – Kamsky match.

The USCF is still battling serious financial crisis and legal woes while the board majority is still continuing their political games instead of focusing 150% on spending cuts and on fixing / saving the federation.

I am at the Polgar Chess Center (103-10 Queens Blvd in Forest Hills, NY) to conduct 2 Q&A / simul sessions (sponsor by Mr. Jon Crumiller and Jeff Smith) today at 1 pm and 5 pm. Special thanks to both Jon and Jeff for making these events possible.

The dates for the next Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls (Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX), Susan Polgar World Open & Chess Challenge Championships (Las Vegas, NV), Susan Polgar All-Star Training Camp (Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX), Chess: It’s a Girl thing camp and SPICE Cup (Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX), have all been set.

The Chess Discussion forums just went through a major successful upgrade/improvement! We just added LIVE Chat forums on the forums. I just tested the new technology and it is working great! I now can conduct LIVE Q&A sessions or players can discuss about chess games or events LIVE.

There are some other incredible features. There are very cool emoticons, graphics, backgrounds, fonts and colors, etc. for personal customization. In addition, you can also create your own private chat rooms for you and your friends.

A game viewer will be added shortly so you can view LIVE games and analyze with your fellow chess enthusiasts. I absolutely love the new technology. It is all available for you for FREE! All you need is to register for a handle to enjoy all the cool stuff. My plan is to do a monthly Q&A session for USCF members and a separate Q&A session for general chess stuff.

What would you like to discuss? The forum is yours!
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