The Grand Prix just concluded with Wang Yue, Gashimov, and Carlsen sharing the spotlight. Kamsky finished at -1. How will this effect his upcoming match against Topalov?

Topalov, Ivanchuk, Aronian, Radjabov, Bu, and Cheparinov are competing in the prestigious Mtel DRR event. Will Topalov reveal any new opening repertoire or will he save his good stuff for the match.

Speaking of match, FIDE promised that the announcement will be made on May 12 after a gazillion delay. Where will it be? Sofia, Bulgaria, or somewhere in a secret Ukrainian city sponsored by a secret organizer? I have no idea. The rumors are rampant.

The National Elementary Championship kicked off in Pittsburgh yesterday with around 2,200 players. The US Championship will begin in a few days in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is once again sponsored by Mr. Frank K. Berry. Who is the favorite to win the US and US Women’s Championship?

It’s Saturday Open forum and the forum is yours!

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