The games Salem plays: Local youths compete in chess tournament

By Lisa Guerriero
Thu Mar 19, 2009, 08:41 PM EDT

Salem – Check this story on Friday to watch a video of the youth chess tournament. You can also read about the city’s cribbage tourney for adults right now by clicking on this link:
Forget about checkers. Forget about Nintendo Wii, even. In Salem, many youths are playing the old-school classic — chess.

Last Saturday, March 14, about 25 youths gathered at the Winter Island Function Hall for the annual chess tournament.

Children in grades K-5 faced off in the double-elimination tourney, which lasted several hours.

After almost being eliminated within the first hour, Kevin Kirby fought his way back and now holds the title of 2009 City of Salem Chess Tournament Champion.

Lucas Simons placed second in the tournament without losing a game until facing Kirby. The pair played to one stalemate then finished out with two wins by Kirby.

Leo Santoro placed third, Rachel Yetts placed fourth, with her brother Caleb Yetts placing fifth, and Dan Pini placed sixth.

The event was hosted by the city’s Salem Park, Recreation & Community Services Department, along with tournament director Steve Dibble.

Many of the tournament participants are players in the city’s youth chess program, which is offered every year. Dibble said the focus of both activities is on good sportsmanship and learning skills, so the competition ends up being a fun experience for the children.


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