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The US Women’s Team is currently in 3rd place at 15.5 points. They will have a chance to catch or even pass the leader Russia at 17.5 points. The US needs to win by the score of 2.5-.5 to tie and 3-0 to take overtake Russia. On the other hand, if the US loses this match, any chance for Gold is just about out the window.

Medal contender Hungary is facing the 2nd place team Ukraine while Georgia is facing Bulgaria. I believe Ukraine will be Russia’s toughest challenge on the leaderboard at the finish line.

On the overall side, 3rd place Cuba faces the leader Armenia while the Czech Republic is faces Russia. Denmark will be the next opponent for the US.

We have now passed the half way mark. Points are harder to come by since the competition will only get tougher. To win the Olympiad Gold, it takes desire, hard work, determination, heart, and strong nerve. It also requires taking precise calculated risks.

Years from now, people will only remember the Champion, the Winner, the #1. No one will remember the runner up or the ridiculous title vice-champion.

Will Armenia have what it takes to hold the Russian team in the overall Olympiad? Will Ukraine be able to catch Russia in the Women’s Olympiad? Will the US win any medal? 6 more rounds to go for all the marbles!
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