RSSU Student Grandmaster Cups

Grandmasters Maxim Matlakov from Russia and Yaroslav Zherebukh from Ukraine have achieved victories in the 7th round of the Young Grandmasters RSSU Cup and extended the to a full point ahead of the rest of the field.

Matlakov defeated his compatriot Vladimir Belous, while Zherebukh outplayed Ray Robson from USA, who was the early leader in the tournament. After his second loss Robson slipped down to the third place.

Standings after 7 rounds:

1-2. Matlakov, Zherebukh – have 5 points; 3. Robson – 4; 4-5. Grigoryan, Stukopin – 3,5; 6-8. Reshetnikov, Belous, Ipatov – 3; 9-10. Sviercz, Yilmaz – 2,5.

In the penultimate 8th round the pairings are: Sviercz – Matlakov, Ipatov – Zherebukh, Robson – Stukopin, Reshetnikov – Yilmaz, Belous – Grigoryan.

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In the Women RSSU Student Grandmaster Cup all three leaders have drawn their games in the 7th round to maintain the top positions. Thus, Ziaziulkina, Batsiashvili and Szczepkowska-Horowska still share 1-3rd places.

Standings after 7th rounds:

1-3. Ziaziulkina, Batsiashvili, Szczepkowska-Horowska have 5 points each; 4. Goryachkina – 4.5; 5. Kashlinskaya – 4; 6-7. Pustovoitova, Padmini – 3.5; 8-10. Drozdova, Severina, Bulmaga – 1.5.

8th round pairings are: Bulmaga – Ziaziulkina, Szczepkowska-Horowska – Pustovoitova, Batsiashvili – Severina, Kashliinskaya – Goryachkina, Padmini – Drozdova.

Follow the games live with computer analysis

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