Not too many surprises on the top board in round 6 at the Women’s Olympiad.

Russia defeated Hungary 2-1
Ukraine defeated Spain 2-1
USA defeated Mongolia 2-1 (I have no idea why Zatonskih is NOT playing after a rest day)
Romania defeated Armenia 2-1 (mild upset)
India defeated Slovenia 2-1
China defeated Poland 2.5-.5 (the winning margin is surprising)
Slovakia defeated Lithuania 3-0 (Lithuania collapsed after a perfect 9-0 start)

The US will play India next!
Slovakia will face Russia!
Ukraine will face Romania!

Current standings:

Russia 14.5
Ukraine 14
Slovakia 13.5
USA, Bulgaria, India, Romania 13

There were some big upsets in the Overall Olympiad:

The Netherlands defeated Russia 2.5-1.5!!
Armenia defeated Uzbekistan 2.5-1.5
Sweden upset Bulgaria 2.5-1.5!
Ukraine defeated Iran by only 2.5-1.5!
Belarus stunned Spain 3-1!
USA defeated China 2.5-1.5 but Kamsky lost!
India defeated Germany 3-1!

Current standings:

Armenia is in clear first with 18 points!
The Netherlands are now in clear second with 17.5!
Russia and Belarus are tied for 3rd at 17.
The US, Sweden, India and Ukraine are at 16.5

The US will face Sweden next round
The Netherlands will face Armenia
Russia will face Belarus
India will face Ukraine

If the Olympiad ends today, both US teams finish out of medal. They are close but they need to score wins with BIG margins and not 2.5-1.5 or 2-1. Remember, every half point counts! Good luck to both teams!
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