Susan Polgar and Sevan Muradian

Written by Paul Truong

I am so sad to inform you that Sevan Muradian, a board member of the Susan Polgar Foundation, and a dear friend, passed away yesterday (February 17, 2016) at his home from a heart attack.

He had done so much for our chess community over the past decade. He poured his heart and soul into chess, using his own money and resources, because he believed in the benefits of chess and wanted to make our sport better. He went out of his way to help everyone, and he never asked anything in return. His dedication and devotion the game we all love benefited countless individuals over the years.

Sevan was also one of the most responsible, honest & decent person I know in the entire global chess community. He was Mr. Integrity in the chess world!

You will be missed, Sevan! RIP my friend!

The arrangements have been made. Please see below:

In honor of Sevan‘s memory we are asking for consideration to donations to an education fund for Sevan‘s two daughters in lieu of flowers.

For Sevan’s daughters Kassy and Jessica. His motivation.

Sevan was a son, a father, a brother, an educator, and a tremendously loyal friend. We lost Sevan much too early.

Just as Sevan gave to others, we’d like to give back to his family in honor of his memory. As one friend wrote on his Facebook page: “A truly amazing individual, extremely generous and completely self-less.”

Sevan would want nothing more than for his daughters to go to great schools where they can continue to do their best. 100% of proceeds will go to Kassy and Jessica to support their education.

Vernon Cemetery
15215 Cemetery Rd Lincolnshire, IL 60069
1pm (MONDAY 02/22/2016)




From Armenian Chess Federation:

Dear Chess Friends

Armenian Chess federation is deeply shocked to find out that Sevan Muradyan, a board member of the Susan Polgar Foundation, Secretary of FIDE Rules Commission, and a good friend of Armenian Chess Federation, passed out last night at such young age.

Armenian Chess Federation expresses deepest condolences to relatives, friends and colleagues of Sevan Muradyan.

Armenian Chess Federation


This was the last text I received from him this past Friday:

“Last night at dinner with the CEO of the new company I started at we start having a discussion on chess and how much of his generation follows the game.

While he didn’t know the name of Hou Yifan he was well familiar with Xie Jun and the loss of Xie Jun to ‘the Polgar genius’.

Then I showed him a few pictures of Susan and I. Conversation got real interesting after that probing me in his broken English about chess.

Funny night…”


Condolences from the FIDE Rules Commission

It was a real shock for me when I read about Sevan Muradian’s death early in the morning in the Internet. It was not only unexpected, but also terrible because he was at peak of his activities. To say that I’m sorry, it’s the same as to say nothing.

On my behalf and behalf of FIDE Rules Commission members I express our sincere condolences over Sevan Muradian’s passing away. A nice person, devoted friend, popular chess figure and finally good specialist in his field. He was full of new ideas and proposals and had interesting vision about chess development. Ideas that unfortunately remained unaccomplished.

Last year we had Rules Commission Councillors’ meeting in Armenia. On this occasion in line with other sightseeing we went to Lake Sevan. He was so proud of visiting the lake the name of which was given to him at birth. He confessed me that he was happy as fulfilled the dream of all his life.

We refer our deepest sympathies to the members of Sevan’s family. They have irreversible lost.

Rest in peace, our young friend.

Ashot Vardapetyan
On behalf of FIDE Rules Commission


Condolences from the FIDE Arbiter’s Commission

With great sadness the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission was informed that IA Sevan Muradian passed away on 18 February 2016.

The Commission expresses its sincere condolences to his family and to the US Chess Federation.

Sevan was a well known International Arbiter, International Organizer and FIDE Lecturer. He was the founder of the Chess IQ Academy and Chess Center in Chicago, USA and he was very active having organized many tournaments and FIDE Arbiters’ Seminars.

His contribution to the Chess community was really great.

Rest in peace Sevan!


Sevan Muradian (2)

Sevan Muradian (3)

Sevan Muradian

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