Friday April 8, 2011
Parr’s passing

Larry Parr had made himself such a familiar face on the local chess circuit that he will be missed by his friends in Malaysia.

IN the week that I want to share with you a few games from the recent national closed and national women’s closed championships, I received word that a familiar face in our chess circle had passed away on April 2.

Larry Parr, aged 64, was a rather enigmatic person. He guarded his privacy jealously and only a privy few were let in to meet his close-knit family of wife, daughter and son.

Many chess players worldwide would associate Parr with that well-known American institutional chess magazine, Chess Life, of which he was the editor from 1985 till 1988. He was also the author of a few books on the chess game.

However, many people locally would probably remember him better as the co-author of Never Say I Assume! which was the memoir of Datuk Tan Chin Nam. Tan is one of the pioneers of property development in Malaysia and the honorary life president of the Malaysian Chess Federation.

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