I am heading to Chicago tomorrow for the US Open and the Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls. I will update my blog daily from Chicago. I will also let you know if the USCF delegates will certify Mr. Sam Sloan or not. I truly hope that they do not because I think the USCF will lose a lot of members if they certify a convicted felon (who was arrested and spent time behind bars for kidnapping) and a sexual predator who had countless inappropriate sexual relations with young female (according to his own admission on his website and other forums).

I will also let you know how the USCF Executive Board handles this matter. I think it is time for the USCF EB and delegates are held accountable for their decisions. The outcome in the next 10-12 days will play a heavy role in the future of the USCF. Stay tune! Posted by Picasa

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