Dear National Chess Federations,

We would like to remind you that the PRE-REGISTRATION (acceptance of your national federation to participate in the up-coming Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway) is to be closed on 1 April 2014.

In this respect, we are asking those federations who did not pre registered their teams for the Olympiad, kindly do so. There is a guideline below which you should follow from 1 to 9 (inclusive) and should pre-register your teams by 1 April 2014. Should you have not received an activating link, please send your request to


The deadline of the pre-registration for the Olympiad 2014 in Tromso is 1 April 2014.

In this respect you should do the following Registration steps:

1. First, a representative of your federation should go to (a representative will be the one to register teams and General Assembly delegates).
2. Please find at the top of the front page the logo of the Chess Olympiad.
3. When guiding your mouse on the logo, you will see the new submenu.
4. Click on Chess Olympiad Participants, you will see the introduction text.
5. Find the words TO SIGN UP there and click on them.
6. You will be guided to the FIDE system of the Olympiad. Please follow all the steps, filling in all compulsory fields, putting your valid email address and photo as well.
7. When completing the SIGN up process, you will see the message. Later you will receive an activating e-mail. Activate your sign up. THIS IS STEP NUMBER ONE.
8. Then go to the private activating link which was sent to your official e-mail address. If you never received it, please request at
9. After opening your private activating link, accept or decline the participation of your federation. THIS IS STEP NUMBER TWO. The deadline of acceptance is 1 April.
10. When you have the list of your players approved, go to the system again, but don’t sign up, just sign in again with your mail login and password.
12. click on Open or Women’s sections and you will be in the window where you have to add your teams for the event Olympiad.
13. In the left up corner of the window, you will see the LENSE, the circle with a line, where you should click and you will have the opportunity to type IDs or names of your players to chose them to register. THIS IS STEP NUMBER THREE.

The deadline of registration of your teams is 1 June.

Please note that all accompanying persons of your teams if any should be registered by your representative as well.

The official delegate and councilor of your federation and accompanying persons if any should be registered by your representative as well.

The deadline of registration of your delegate and councilor is 1 June.

All other individuals should sign up and register for Congress meetings by themselves.

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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