Round 6 report by Augusto Caruso – Martha Fierro (Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi ) pictures by Martha Fierro

Nakamura continues leading the tournament; facing Vitiugov’s French opening, which is Nikita’s favorite way of starting the game, the American player leaves his opponent without hope, playing an exemplary game.

King’s march, first on his side and then toward the center, becomes a classic of domination and Zugzwang.

Caruana gives great satisfaction to his fans winning a wonderful game against Morozevich. Maybe white could have been content with a balanced position at the 21st move Rc1 and Rxc5. The Russian fighting spirit is stopped by our player with a specific play in the ending, which has forced to give up his opponent.

Today young players are the protagonists: Anish Giri has completely ruined Vassily Ivanchuk’s hopes of winning Reggio Emilia’s tournament ( it has to be noticed that the Ukrainian player has taken part five times in this tournament). Actually the win seems to be more a black’s negligence rather than white’s credit, of course we aren’t speaking about Giri’s skills, but Ivanchuk’s opening seems to have weak pawns since the beginning and it doesn’t seem to be solved before the ending.

Nakamura’s race has started to speed, now the American player has an advantage of four points on Morozevich and six on Giri- Ivanchuk. It seems that this year has started in a great way for Hikaru.

In the female tournament Guramishvili wins against our Marina, who said that she didn’t play as good as she normally does and that at least in two occasions she could have defended herself in a better way (17th move: Qf3 instead of Qg4 thinking to a possible Bb7 and then 18th move: Qe4 thinking to Nd5). Finally at 30th move she could have tried a4 even if the position seems to be compromised.

Marianna Chierici after getting Maria De Rosa on the ropes, she fails the knock out, (at 37th move she could have played Rxf7 with a following mate), at Zeitnot they drew.

Draw between Sharevic and Videnova.

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