Recalling an amazing journey to the Amazon

After visiting a major scholastic event in Caracas, Venezuela in August 2012, I was invited for a private tour to the jungle of the Amazon. Of course I could not say no to this amazing experience. My husband and I were taken by a private plane from Caracas to Canaima. For hours, we saw nothing but thick jungle. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, when we descended from the cloud, a small runway appeared. There was a very small native community to serve the tourists.


Before we took the tour, I was told that I needed special shoes to be able to walk and climb through various surfaces, including water. Of course I did not have the shoes. Luckily, there was a small tiny store which sells these special shoes for tourists. When I walked into the store, the store owner started to scream. She said I know you, I know you. I was confused. How could she possible know me living in a tiny remote town in the middle of the Amazon? She must have been mistaken.

She then proceeded to explain that she saw me in the National Geographic Documentary My Brilliant Brain. She apparently has a TV Satellite feed and NatGeo was one of the few things she can see. She asked to pose for a pic with me and showed me a pic of her and Jennifer Lopez (was there to film Anaconda). She said this pic will go up next to JLo 🙂

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