Topalov Set to Perform in Bulgaria Chess World Challenge
15 February 2009, Sunday

Bulgaria is looking forward to the semi-finals of the World Chess Challenge starting in Sofia Tuesday in which Bulgarian star, Veselin Topalov takes on US chess champion, Gata Kamsky in a much awaited match…

The two players do not have a lot of experience against each other, but Topalov has won four of their eight games, and four have ended in draws. Their last game in the 2007 M-Tel Masters in Bulgaria ended in a draw.

The Kamsky-Topalov match offers an interesting contrast in styles.

Topalov, currently ranked number 1 in the world, is a former world champion and a fiery competitor. He is a relentless player who is known for his flashy attacks. He has been among the world’s best players for years, but it was only after the retirement of Garry Kasparov in 2005 that he broke through to the top.

Kamsky, No. 17 in the world, was a prodigy. He rose as high as No. 4 by the time he was 21, played a match for the title in 1996 and then abruptly quit for eight years. He is a “grinder,” meaning that he likes to accumulate small advantages and then patiently wear down his opponent. Although he can mix it up, that is not his natural style. He is imperturbable at the board.

The World Chess Challenge Sofia 2009 starts on Tuesday and carries on until 28 February in the National Palace of Culture.


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