My two boys Tommy and Leeam joined me on a road trip to beautifil Youngstown / Niagara Falls area this past weekend for a wonderful chess event organized by Dr. Mark Mieth. It was a truly a superb event. The activities included several lectures and Q&A sessions, mini-simul, live chess at the top of Niagara Falls, etc.

This is one of the great perks about chess, being able to visit some of the most spectacular locations, meeting wonderful people and learning new things. Last week, I met some of the most fantastic people in Austin. This week, it is Youngstown. The hospitality of the local folks was great. IM Ken Regan, a math professor and retired chess player made a visit from the Buffalo area.

My kids even had a chance to play in the local scholastic event. (Tommy went 4-0 in the advanced scholastic event and Leeam went 6-0 in the beginners fun unrated section)

One rule that I made is I will not push my children to be chess champions. I teach them chess for the educational and social benefits. If they like it and want to pursue it, I will help them. If they choose to be just hobby players, that would be perfectly fine as well.

Some pictures of the event have been posted at More will follow shortly. Posted by Picasa

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