The 24th Porto San Giorgio Chess Festival is taking place on 21-29th August at the Palasavelli in Porto San Giorgio, Italy.

The Festival consists of five events: Open A (players rated over 1900), Open B (U2000), Open C (U1600), 40th Italian Women’s Championship and 21st Italian Junior U20 Championship.

All events will be played over nine rounds of Swiss system. Players lists below.

Live games are provided by ScacchiRandagi
Scacchierando will provide updates

Participants (top seeds):

Mikheil Mchedlishvili GM 2645 Torneo A
Vladimir Petkov GM 2549 Torneo A
Danyyil Dvirnyy IM 2541 Torneo A
Roberto Mogranzini GM 2510 Torneo A
Igor Naumkin GM 2453 Torneo A
Milan Drasko GM 2468 Torneo A
Oleg M Romanishin GM 2513 Torneo A
Alexander Baburin GM 2520 Torneo A
Martha Fierro Baquero WGM 2367 Torneo A
Paolo Vezzosi IM 2367 Torneo A
Alessio Valsecchi IM 2429 Torneo A
Andrea Stella IM 2477 Torneo A
Fabio Bruno IM 2433 Torneo A
Petar Arnaudov IM 2490 Torneo A
Nenad Aleksic IM 2358 Torneo A
Rolly Martinez IM 2454 Torneo A

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