Another exciting day at Cuernavaca. Four of the five games were decisive. Vallejo Pons nicely defeated Karjakin with the Black pieces to continue to lead the tournament. Hikaru completely outplayed Felgaer in a game where he employed another Nakamura wild creation, an opening which he achieved very little out of the opening. Ponomariov outplayed Bruzon in a more conventional opening to continue to share the lead. Volotikin showed Leon that his endgame skill needs a lot of work as he won an endgame with just a small edge. Cheparinov tried very hard to win an even Rook and Pawn endgame against Dominguez, a game which most GMs would have agreed to a draw hours earlier without the MTel rule.

After 6 rounds, the standings are:

1-2. 4.5 GM Ruslan Ponomariov (22, Ukraine, 2723), GM Francisco Vallejo Pons (23, Spain, 2650)

3. 4.0 GM Hikaru Nakamura (18, USA, 2644)

4. 3.5 GM Lenier Dominguez (22, Cuba, 2638)

5-6. 3.0 GM Ivan Cheparinov (19, Bulgaria, 2625), GM Andrei Volokitin (19, Ukraine, 2665)

7. 2.5 GM Sergey Karjakin (16, Ukraine, 2660)

8. 2.0 GM Lazaro Bruzon (23, Cuba, 2650)

9-10. 1.5 GM Ruben Felgaer (24, Argentina, 2607), IM Manuel Leon Hoyos (16, Mexico, 2428) Posted by Picasa

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