The Holiday Season is HERE! Don’t miss our weekly SALES and DVD giveaways!

Posted on December 04,2014 By GM Damian Lemos in Non-Chess related, All Articles w/ Videos. I am excited to announce the start of the very last series of weekly sales and DVD giveaways for what’s left of the year! This month you’ll be getting more free premium DVDs than ever before! We will also be having a different surprise sale every week on different product lines. To start off the holidays, this week and until December 9th, we’re giving away the DVD “The Accelerated Dragon” by GM Eugene Perelshteyn. This is one of our best selling[…]

Playing the Last Round When Draw is Enough

Posted on December 04,2014 By GM Levan Aroshidze in Strategy & Game Review, General Chess Articles. This is a well-known situation in chess history, when one player needs just a draw to become a winner of the tournament, while his opponent needs a victory. We can see this on every level, starting from simple “open tournaments” and finishing with World Championship matches. Let’s imagine that you are a player who needs a draw or a win to take the first place. How should you built your playing strategy for that decisive game? It is much more diff[…]

Standing Up to the Trompowski – IM Bill Paschall

Posted on December 01,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. Trompowski Trounced! Bill jumps straight in to a home cooked novelty which he demonstrates that White will struggle against his idea of a good Pawn Gambit versus the 3.Bxf6 gf6 Trompowski. Bill looks in detail at many of the 3…gf6 positions, attempts to use the Bishop Pair, and strives to get Black active — even at the cost of a pawn or of maintaining a good pawn structure. 5c3 is also considered, but Black is able to play 5…e5 and asks some[…]

Turning the Disadvantage of Doubled Pawns

Posted on November 28,2014 By GM Levan Aroshidze in Strategy & Game Review, Beginner’s Corner. Doubled pawns are two pawns of the same color that reside on the same file. When viewed strategically, doubled pawns is a weakness. They have limited flexibility and can’t defend each other. Furthermore, it is impossible to make a breakthrough with doubled pawns in order to get a passed pawn. The problems are even more serious if the doubled pawns are isolated. In this case, an opponent gets a great square for his pieces in front of the doubled[…] is a producer of thousands of free chess articles and free chess videos by FIDE chess masters. They recently released the renowned Empire Chess series that has been taking the chess world by storm. Please consider checking out their chess blog and chess shop with tons of free updated previews.

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